"You got the Adventure Pouch! You can store all kinds of useful items in this handy piece of gear."
— In-game description

The Adventure Pouch is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The pouch is used to store some of Link's gear, such as Bomb Bags, Quivers and Bottles. The Adventure Pouch is received from Fledge at the Knight Academy. Initially, the Adventure Pouch can only hold four items, but it is possible to expand its capacity through upgrades obtained from Beedle's Air Shop and a Goddess Cube chest.

The initial Adventure Pouch expansion costs 300 Rupees, the second 600, and the last 1,200 Rupees. Humorously, Beedle brushes off inquiries about his raising of prices as this being a product of Link's imagination.

The Adventure Pouch's design is based off the pouch Link wears and pulls his items from in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The pouch, however, is merely a visual element and receives no mention or role in that game.

Pouch Analysis

When Link selects the Analysis option when talking to Fi on The Surface or in Dungeons, she will evaluate the selection of items currently equipped in his pouch, giving him a percentage based on how suitable his selection is for the current area (the higher the percentage the more suitable the pouch selection is for that location or dungeon) he is in and occasionally points out if he should change it to make himself better prepared for that location or dungeon. She will even classify his current selection based what items are in his pouch and how they relate to one another. These Classifications are:

  • Balanced - The item selection in Link's pouch is balanced and not focus on any particular type of item. A balanced pouch is effective in Dungeons like the Ancient Cistern.
  • Combat Focused - The item selection in Link's pouch is focused on items suited for combat.
  • Recovery Focused - The item selection in Link's pouch is focused on recovering health.
  • Survival Focused - The item selection in Link's pouch is focused on items that aid Link's overall survival. Effective in areas like Lanayru Desert.
  • Treasure Focused - The item selection in Link's is focused on items that aid Link in find Materials, Bugs, and Rupees more easily.