The Ancient Tablet is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is an ancient stone engraved with a map depicting Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert. Initially, the tablet is broken into three fragments: the Emerald Tablet, the Ruby Tablet, and the Amber Tablet. When a piece of the tablet is brought to the chamber inside the Goddess Statue in Skyloft and put into a wall indentation, a new area of the Surface is made available.


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After Zelda is forced to the surface by evil forces, Link is awakened one night by a mysterious figure. He follows this figure to the Statue of the Goddess, where it unveils the entrance to a hidden chamber inside the statue. Within the chamber itself, Link finds the Goddess Sword and removes it from its pedestal. The figure introduces herself as Fi and explains to him the power of the sword. Using a Skyward Strike, Link is able to activate the Emerald Tablet found there, opening a way to Faron Woods, indicated by a column of green light.

Within Faron Woods, Link braves the challenges of the Skyview Temple, and retrieves the Ruby Tablet from the Skyview Spring, which opens the way to Eldin Volcano. Upon the completion of the Earth Temple and activating the Goddess Crest in the Earth Spring, Link retrieves the third and last fragment of the Ancient Tablet; the Amber Tablet, opening the way to Lanayru Desert and the Lanayru Mining Facility found there.

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