The Ancient Tomb is the eighth and final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. The entrance to the Ancient Tomb can be opened if Link aids Cap'n, who has gotten lost in the Sea of Storms. Cap'n will give him the Tokay Eyeball in return, which can be used to open the door to a cave on Crescent Island. The cave leads to a small islet with Armos Statues. After Link solves this small puzzle, the Ancient Tomb can be found in a maze of stone. Being the final dungeon of the game, the puzzles in the Ancient Tomb are more difficult than many other ones in the game.


The Ancient Tomb has a total of four floors, making it one of the largest dungeons in the game. The dungeon focuses around four Slates, found in the four corners of B2F. To acquire these slates, Link must complete difficult tasks in the four corners of B2F. These tasks include sprinting across pools of quickly melting magma, going through a room full of Chasers, and swimming through a passage filled with fast currents. Once he acquires the four slates, he gains access to a part of B3F leading to the boss chamber. Before entering the boss chamber, he must remove obstacles using four items in the same order that he will use them in his battle against Ramrock, the boss. First, he must smash a crystal with his sword. Second, he must blow up a cracked block with a bomb. Third, he must use his Seed Shooter to light a torch with an Ember Seed. This causes a bridge to appear, allowing him to cross a gap in the floor. Finally, he must lift a statue out of his way using the Power Glove.