"Hey! Did ya know Animal Village and Mabe Village are sister cities? Yes, even though they aren't large enough to be called cities..."

Animal Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A region of Koholint Island, Animal Village is a community populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals. No one knows how they came to live there, or how they are able to talk (but they are not the only talking animals on Koholint). Sometimes Marin travels to Animal Village to sing for the residents, but as of the start of Link's adventures, she has not been able to get there for a long time.

Later on in the game she is finally able to travel there with Link, in order to wake the Walrus blocking a path Link needs to take. There is a warp point south of Animal Village which Link can use to warp to the other warp points on Koholint Island.



The Animal Village

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