Armor is a new class of items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Armor serves a variety of purposes, primarily defensive, allowing Link to take more damage. Certain pieces of armor, such as the Warm Doublet, can also protect Link from the elements, similar to the Goron Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Link without any armor equipped from Breath of the Wild

For the first time in a Zelda game, Link can choose to unequipped his armor completely. When all armor is unequipped, Link will appear bare chested and bare footed, wearing equipment straps and only a pair of boxer shorts. Once acquired, Link will also wear the Sheikah Slate on his belt, regardless as to whether he is wearing armor or not when using it or its Runes.

When Link first awakens from the Slumber of Restoration, he is armorless though an Old Shirt and Well-Worn Trousers can be found in chests located in the hall beyond the chamber where Link slept in medical stasis. Some armor sets or head armor allow Link to disguise himself causing certain enemies to not attack him depending on the armor or set in question. These include the monster masks sold by Kilton which cause specific archetypes the masks represent to not attack Link. The Level 2 or higher "Radiant" and "Phantom Ganon" armor sets effect all "Stal" enemy archetypes save for Stalnox in the same manner. Majora's Mask functions as an all in one version of the masks sold by Kilton, as it affects Bokoblin, Moblin, Lizalfos, and Lynel archetypes.

Link can also obtain the "Gerudo" armor set which is actually Gerudo women's clothing in order to enter Gerudo Town. The disguise is also required for the side quests "The Eighth Heroine" and "The Forgotten Sword", along with any quests received in or require Link to enter Gerudo Town. The Sirwal can be replaced with either the Sand Boots or Snow Boots and the disguise will be maintained. The Gerudo Veil can be replaced by the Thunder Helm.

NPCs may become frightened or react defensively if Link wears certain kinds of armor around them. These include the "Dark" set, "Phantom" set, "Phantom Ganon" set, and "Radiant" set (night time only).

While armor can be obtained from treasure chests, acquired from certain characters over the course of the story, or as rewards for completing Side Quests it can also be purchased from certain shops. Some armor can only be obtained through shops like Fang and Bone, Cherry at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and the Rare Armor Shop. In Hateno Village, there is a shop called the Kochi Dye Shop that allows Link to dye his armor different colors.

List of armor

Head armor

Body armor

Leg armor

Armor sets

There is some armor that give effect bonuses for wearing those in the same set. Most need to get enhanced by the Great Fairies twice to access them. However DLC armor sets have their set bonus by default as they cannot be upgraded. Armor Sets obtained by Amiibo Rune must be upgraded twice. Some armor sets lack set bonuses entirely.

Set Head Body Legs Effect Set Bonus
Ancient Ancient Helm Ancient Cuirass Ancient Greaves Guardian Resist Ancient Proficiency
Barbarian Barbarian Helm Barbarian Armor Barbarian Leg Wraps Attack Up Charge Ark: Stamina Up
Climbing Climber's Bandanna Climbing Gear Climbing Boots Climb Speed Up Climbing Jump Stamina Up
Dark Dark Hood Dark Tunic Dark Trousers None Night Speed Up
Desert Voe Desert Voe Headband Desert Voe Spaulder Desert Voe Trousers Heat Resistance Shock Resistance
Fierce Deity Fierce Deity Mask Fierce Deity Armor Fierce Deity Boots Attack Up Charge Ark: Stamina Up
Flamebreaker Flamebreaker Helm Flamebreaker Armor Flamebreaker Boots Flame Guard Fireproof
Gerudo Gerudo Veil Gerudo Top Gerudo Sirwal None Heat-Resistant; Hylian "Vai" Disguise
Hero Cap of the Hero Tunic of the Hero Trousers of the Hero None Master Sword Beam Up
Hylian Hylian Hood Hylian Tunic Hylian Trousers None
Phantom Phantom Helmet Phantom Armor Phantom Greaves Attack Up
Phantom Ganon Phantom Ganon Skull Phantom Ganon Armor Phantom Ganon Greaves Stealth Up Disguise; Bone Atk Up
Radiant Radiant Mask Radiant Shirt Radiant Tights Stal Lure Disguise; Bone Atk Up
Rex's costume Salvager Headwear Salvager Vest Salvager Trousers None Swim Dash Stamina Up
Royal Guard Royal Guard Cap Royal Guard Uniform Royal Guard Boots None Charge Atk. Stamina Up
Rubber Rubber Helm Rubber Armor Rubber Tights Shock Resistance Unshockable
Sky Cap of the Sky Tunic of the Sky Trousers of the Sky None Master Sword Beam Up
Snowquill Snowquill Headdress Snowquill Tunic Snowquill Trousers Cold Resistance Unfreezable
Soldier's Soldier's Helm Soldier's Armor Soldier's Greaves None
Stealth Stealth Mask Stealth Chest Guard Stealth Tights Stealth Up Night Speed Up
Time Cap of Time Tunic of Time Trousers of Time None Master Sword Beam Up
Tingle's Outfit Tingle's Hood Tingle's Shirt Tingle's Tights None Night Speed Up
Twilight Cap of Twilight Tunic of Twilight Trousers of Twilight None Master Sword Beam Up
Wild Cap of the Wild Tunic of the Wild Trousers of the Wild None Master Sword Beam Up
Wind Cap of the Wind Tunic of the Wind Trousers of the Wind None Master Sword Beam Up
Zora Zora Helm Zora Armor Zora Greaves Swim Speed Up Swim Dash Stamina Up