"Ah! This is the place for those who hunger for the romance of adventure! This is the Wayfaring Island, young man."
Old Wayfarer

Bannan Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located in the northernmost section of the northwestern Sea Chart, this island is the home of the Old Wayfarer. Ostensibly, Bannan Island lacks native residents, maintained by the Wayfarer's house being the only settlement of the entire island. At the eastern side of the island, past a small cavern, Salvatore hosts his cannon game with a Bomb Bag upgrade available for the player who beats the default high score. Additionally, Ship Parts, Treasures, and Rupees are available as other prizes.

After completing the quest for the Great Spin Attack, the Swordsman's Scroll can be found in a Treasure Chest inside the Wayfarer's Hut.

Joanne can be encountered near the shores of Bannan Island once all the enemies have been dispatched, and starts the Romantic Fishing side quest.


Although the spellings are slightly different, Bannan Island might be named after the banana. On the zoomed out world map, Bannan Island bears a resemblance to a peeled banana, although the up close island map highlights the many differences. Also, the Old Wayfarer's quote about the island mentions that it is a place for those who "hunger" for adventure.