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"A Bell used to awaken the Wind Fish. When rung, the clapper inside unleashes powerful attacks. A Strong Attack will use its stored power, dealing damage equal to the amount used."
— In-game Description

Bell is a moveset used by Marin in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. It has a Water Elemental Attribute and allows Marin to generate sound waves (represented by musical notes) and summon the Wind Fish to aid her in battle.

As Marin attacks and performs combos, her Bell's gauge stores power which Marin can unleash by used her Strong Attack, to produce musical notes incased in water bubbles. The number of these notes increases depending on how much energy is stored in the Bell's gauge.

In Hyrule Warriors, she will summon the Wind Fish and ride on his back during her Weak Point Smash on Giant Bosses.

During her Special Attack, she will ring her bell to summon the Wind Fish, who will drop down from above, crushing and damaging any nearby enemies.

During her Focus Spirit attack, Marin will sing part of the Ballad of the Wind Fish to create a blast of water that damages enemies.

Her Level 1 Bell is based on the Sea Lily's Bell from Link's Awakening.

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