Blaaz, Master of Fire (火焔幻術師 ブレイズ Kaen Genjutsushi Bureizu?, Flame Magician: Blaze) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It serves as the boss of the Temple of Fire, the first dungeon of the game. It is similar to Fraaz, a boss in Spirit Tracks, in that they both can split into smaller forms and both must be defeated with the help of the Boomerang.


After Bellum defeated the Ocean King and sealed him away, he used the deity's life force to create Blaaz, who was sent to the Temple of Fire to imprison the Spirit of Power, Leaf. Blaaz remained in the temple to ensure that no one would ever try and free the spirit, causing frequent volcanic eruptions on the Isle of Ember.


When the battle begins, Blaaz splits into three smaller forms. The triplets chase Link around the room and periodically shoot fireballs at him. In order to successfully defeat Blaaz, Link must first force it back into its original form using the boomerang. In order to successfully combine the three, however, Link must combine them in a certain order.

On the map screen of the Nintendo DS, each Blaaz will have a different number of horns, the key to combining them correctly. The order of the horns go from the one with the least amount of horns, to the one with the most amount of horns. Once all three are fused together, Blaaz reverts to its original form and becomes vulnerable to the sword. After being reverted twice, Blaaz begins to drop Boulders from the ceiling. After enough hits, Blaaz is destroyed. Another method is, just when Blaaz is merged, Link can use the Boomerang to stun it, and keep attacking it until it recovers.

After defeating Blaaz, Link is rewarded with a Heart Container, and Leaf, one of three spirits. The boss also explodes into sand; however, Link does not yet understand its significance and it flows up and out of the room.



Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass manga

When Blaaz makes its appearance, it threatens to burn Link and Ciela in the Temple of Fire before splitting into its smaller forms. Link, unable to stand the heat, almost slips into the lava but rebounds in pain, quickly hitting all three forms and dispatching the Master of Fire. Blaaz then disintegrates into sand, and releases Leaf.

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Blaaz is likely wordplay on the word 'blaze', as it uses fire-based attacks in battle.