"The largest monster to make its home in Hyrule, the Hinox lives primarily in forested areas. A keen awareness of your surroundings is paramount when facing one, as Hinox are know for tearing entire trees from the ground and using them as weapons. Black Hinox wear metal greaves that conduct electricity rather well. A deft hand can steal weapons off the necklaces they wear."
Hyrule Compendium description

Black Hinox are mini-bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are the strongest Hinox variant. Like all Hinox, they are encountered sleeping in specific areas of Hyrule. One Black Hinox can be found in the Northwest part of Hyrule Castle in the Hyrule Field region, and another in the Giant's Forest. Black Hinox drop Guts, Tooth, Toenail parts and roasted meat. Each Hinox counts as one of the 40 Hinox specimens that Link must defeat to obtain the Medal of Honor: Hinox from Kilton.


Black Hinox are the only living Hinox in Breath of the Wild to use explosives as they have the ability to dig up Bomb Barrels from any surface their standing on similar to Hinox and Blue Hinox ability to dig up rocks. Black Hinox will throw these makeshift bombs in classic Hinox fashion. They share this ability with their undead counterpart Stalnox.

Black Hinox may wear metal leg armor which makes them vulnerable if hit with Shock Arrows or electric elemental weapons, briefly stunning them. This metal leg armor is apparently both non-magnetic and non-conductive as it cannot be affected by the Magnesis Rune or attract lightning bolts during thunderstorms. Unlike the wooden leg armor worn by other Hinox, it cannot be destroyed. Like the other variants, Black Hinox wear weapons and bows on their necklace as makeshift jewelry which Link can obtain by defeating them or grabbing them while stunned. Link can also steal the items off their necklace while they are sleeping by boosting his Stealth ability and climbing on top of them to grab the items without waking them.

As part of the Shrine Quest "The Three Giant Brothers", there is a special Black Hinox called Hinox (Oldest Kin) who can be found guarding one of the three Ancient Spheres along with his other two brothers.





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