"That's the Blast Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with feelings of gratitude."
— Happy Mask Salesman

The Blast Mask (バクレツのお面, Bakuretsu no Omen?) is one of the twenty-four masks that Link can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If the B button is pressed while Link is wearing the Blast Mask, an explosion will occur, causing the same effect as a bomb; consequently, the mask becomes transparent and unusable until about sixteen seconds have passed or until Link leaves the current area. It can be especially useful as a replacement for bombs, since the Blast Mask may be used even if Link has no bombs left in his inventory.

As a downside, using the Blast Mask will result in the explosion damaging Link. If Link uses his shield while using the mask, he will not sustain any damage; however, in the 3DS re-release, Link cannot use his shield with the Blast Mask while Z-targeting. While equipped, the mask will prevent the use of Link's sword (as the B button, regularly used for sword attacks, is used as the detonator for the mask); however, the Great Fairy's Sword, which is an item that one can assign to one of the C-buttons, may be used in the place of a sword.

The Blast Mask can be detonated while Link is swimming or diving. This gives Link's Hylian form a way to attack while in water, albeit a limited one, and cannot block the backlash damage as the shield cannot be used in water.

Obtaining the Mask

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The Blast Mask is one of many items that Link receives for completing entries in the Bombers' Notebook. Link will receive it after he completes the entry for the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop. Fortunately, her entry is the shortest in the entire notebook and it can be completed immediately after Link has been returned to his true form.

If Link is in North Clock Town on the night of the First Day, the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop will enter town from the northern gate. At about 12:20 a.m., the thief, Sakon, will appear from behind the slide and steal her bag of Big Bomb Bags. If Link attacks Sakon with his sword, he will drop the bag and prance around before leaving the scene. After Sakon has left, the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop will reward Link with the Blast Mask. Additionally, she will now sell Big Bomb Bags at the Bomb Shop until Link travels back in time.

The Blast Mask is rendered unobtainable for the duration of the current three-day cycle if Link attacks Sakon with any projectile as opposed to attacking him with the sword; this will cause the bag's volatile contents to explode, killing Sakon and destroying the bag. Additionally, neither the Bomb Shop nor the Curiosity Shop will stock the Big Bomb Bag.

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