"The largest monster to make its home in Hyrule, the Hinox lives primarily in forested areas. A keen awareness of your surroundings is paramount when facing one, as Hinox are known for tearing entire trees from the ground and using them as weapons. Blue Hinox wear greaves that can be burnt away to expose their feet. A deft hand can steal weapons off the necklaces they wear."
Hyrule Compendium description

Blue Hinox are mini-bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are blue Hinox variants and they can be found in the Hyrule Field or Lanayru Great Spring regions, in particular one is found at Applean Forest. They wear wooden greaves on their legs to protect them, but they can be burned off with fire, though this can only be done if it is not raining, as rain will put out the fire before it can burn the wooden greaves.

They drop the Hinox Toenail, Tooth, and Guts. Additionally they may also drop cooked fish and seafood such as Blackened Crab, Blueshell Escargot, Roasted Bass, Roasted Carp, Roasted Hearty Bass, Roasted Hearty Salmon, Roasted Porgy, Roasted Trout, and Sneaky River Escargot. They also wear rare bows and melee weapons on their necklaces which Link can steal while they are sleeping if he is stealthy, while fighting them, or pick them up after the Blue Hinox dies.

During the "The Three Giant Brothers", Link encounters a special Blue Hinox variant called Hinox (Middle Kin) that can be found in Uten Marsh in the region of Mount Taran.




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