This article is about the recurring item. For the Link's Awakening item, see Blue Clothes.

"You found the Blue Mail! This armor reduces the damage that you take from enemies!"
— In-game description
The Blue Mail

The Blue Mail is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. This tunic reduces the damage Link sustains when hit by an enemy by half.


A Link to the Past

The Blue Mail can be found on the fourth floor of the Ice Palace. If Link uses a Bomb on the westernmost cracked floor on the floor above, Link can drop down the hole to find the Treasure Chest containing the Blue Mail.

The Red Mail, which offers even better protection, can be found in Ganon's Tower.

A Link Between Worlds

Blue Mail from A Link Between Worlds

The Blue Mail is found in the Swamp Palace. On the bottom floor, if Link uses the Hookshot to drain the water to its lowest level, he can swim forward into the floor's center room, which contains the Blue Mail. It is extremely helpful, especially in Hero Mode.

The more protective Red Mail can be found in Lorule Castle.

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