"You got the Bombers' Notebook! It allows you to keep track of people's schedules."
— In-game description

The Bombers' Notebook is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is given to Link upon his admission into the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. When the book is initially acquired, its contents will be empty save for the first slot, which details the newly obtained information about the Bombers. The book has room to list twenty of the people across Termina whom Link can help. The entry for each person will be added when Link meets them. This entry lists the times during which the person can be interacted with for the entire three day cycle. Once Link has accomplished a task, a "Happy Sticker" is placed next to the entry. Though the assisted person will forget what happened after restarting a three-day cycle, and the side-quest will reset, the entries and Happy Stickers will remain in the notebook.

The inside of the Bombers' Notebook

Because Link is transformed into a Deku Scrub in the beginning of the game by the Skull Kid, the Bombers will only give Link the code to their hideout after he bests them in Hide-and-Seek, but not a notebook. Their reasoning for this rule is that they had a skirmish with a non-human member (implied to be the Skull Kid) causing trouble and mischief in their society, so only humans are allowed to join the society. When Link has regained his human form, he can earn the notebook by replaying the Bombers' game of Hide-and-Seek, or by going to the Bombers' Hideout and telling the previously learned code to the Bombers guard wearing an orange bandana in East Clock Town. When Link enters and exits the hideout, Jim, the leader of the Bombers, will be so impressed by him knowing the secret code without playing the game that he'll give Link the notebook.

In the Nintendo 3DS remake of Majora's Mask, the functionality and contents of the Bomber's Notebook is noticeably expanded upon: now, it contains an entry for almost any side quest in the game that involves another person, and many people not originally featured among the original 20 people whose schedules are listed are now given an entry. The Notebook can also be used to set times at which Tatl can notify the player of a point in time they were supposed to remember to do something.


The following are all the people in the notebook:

Name Description
Bombers Secret Society of Justice Helping people 24 hours a day.
Anju Stock Pot Inn's innkeeper. A courteous woman.
Kafei Strange youth seen near Laundry Pool.
Man from the Curiosity Shop Buys and sells stolen goods. Open at night only.
Old Lady from Bomb Shop Runs town Bomb Shop. Always open.
Romani Young girl living at ranch with sister.
Cremia Manager of Romani Ranch. Chateau Romani is her specialty.
Mayor Dotour Mayor of Clock Town. V.I.P.
Madame Aroma The mayor's wife. In charge of town performances.
Toto Famed manager of The Indigo-Go's.
Gorman Leader of a traveling troupe. Has fine clothes, but a frightful face.
Postman Town's postal carrier. A very serious public servant.
Rosa Sisters Twin dancers. Members of the Gorman Troupe.
??? (Person living in the inn's restroom.) Details are unknown.
Anju's Grandmother Storyteller and grandmother at inn.
Kamaro Ghost of a charismatic dancer. Enjoys moonlight.
Grog Cucco Shack's breeder. His crest is frightful.
Gorman Brothers Horse Trainers. Suspicious...
Shiro The inconspicuous soldier. He doesn't really stand out.
Guru-Guru Musician in the Gorman Troupe