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"A magical tome held by a guardian of dimensions. Use the Strong Attack button to leap ahead. Leaping from magic walls you created detonates them, damaging any nearby foes."
— In-game description

Book of Sorcery is the default weapon moveset of the White Sorceress, Lana in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. These magic tomes are described as once belonging to a Guardian of Dimensions. Lana uses these tomes to cast magic spells and create magical constructs (Walls, Blocks, Flying Tiles, or orbs of magical energy). This weapon type has Lightning Elemental Attribute. Its Strong Attack allows Lana to leap ahead; leaping onto a magic wall or block that Lana has created will detonate it, damaging any nearby foes.

The victory animation depicts several magical orbs flying down as Lana opens the book before promptly closing it after all the orbs fall inside the book. She then smiles and giggles briefly afterward.

During certain combos, Lana will create Magic Walls or a Magic Block that Lana can use to attack enemies in a variety of ways, such as bulldozing enemies, crushing them between walls, riding on top of a magic block, charging a wall with electricity to damage nearby enemies, and detonating them via a Strong Attack.

Its Focus Spirit Special Attack involves summoning 3 magic Flying Tiles to attack enemies.

Weapon Level

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Lana's Books of Sorcery appear to allow her to summon blocks of magic. This is similar to what the Cane of Somaria can do, which might indicate a connection between her grimoires and that weapon, though the latter can only produce one block at a time.

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