"You got the Cane Of Byrna! If you swing it once, a ring of light will protect you!"
— In-game description
The Cane of Byrna as it appears in-game

The Cane of Byrna is an item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. When activated, it places a protective barrier spiraling around Link, guarding him from enemy attacks and harmful surfaces such as spiked floors, while damaging any enemies it comes into contact with. While active, it drains the Magic Meter, and it automatically deactivates whenever the Magic Meter is empty. The cane's energy field is identical in appearance to the Sword Beam and Spin Attack effect, and neither can be used while the cane is active. Selecting an item other than the cane will disengage the barrier. In the Game Boy Advance port of the game, if Link learns the Whirlwind Sword Attack, it cannot be used while the Cane of Byrna is active, though it can be if the Magic Cape is active, ruling out the possibility of a mechanic that allows only a single form of magic to be used at a time. The Cane of Byrna is not required in order to complete the game.

The cane is found inside a cave filled with the aforementioned spiked floors on a rock shelf on Death Mountain in the Dark World. The Magic Hammer is needed to knock down Bad Moles, allowing Link to traverse the spiked floor, and the Power Glove is required to lift a large block at the end of the tunnel. To successfully cross the harmful floor without dying, Link must either have many Heart Containers or a good supply of curative items such as Fairies and Red Potion. Eight hearts can also be retrieved from the skulls surrounding the Cane of Byrna's chest. Optionally, the Magic Cape can be used to turn Link invisible and thus impervious to the spikes. The Cane of Byrna itself can be used for protection on the way out, serving virtually the same function as the Magic Cape without using as much magic power. At least one Green or Blue Potion is required to retrieve the cane and exit without taking any damage.

Non-canonical appearances

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Soulcalibur II

Cane of Byrna and Hylian Shield (Soul Calibur II).png

The Cane of Byrna is one of Link's weapons, used to bludgeon his enemies. It can be bought in Chapters 3, 4, and 5 for 1600 gold. It can also refill his health bar if he uses the Soul Charge ability. As it is not constructed as a weapon, it is not Link's most effective weapon, failing most clashes with enemy swords.

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