The Cave of Flames is the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is part of an abandoned mine in which the Fire Element is hidden.


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Link travels to Mount Crenel to find the second of the Elements he needs in order to reforge the true Picori Blade and revive Zelda, and to meet Melari, a Minish blacksmith who can repair the physical damage to the sword. Link leaves the Picori Blade at Melari's Mines for it to be repaired; while this is being done, he regrows to Hylian size and enters the dungeon to obtain the Fire Element.

On doing so he returns to the workshop and finds that Melari has successfully reforged the broken Picori Sword into the White Sword. Melari instructs Link to go to the Elemental Sanctuary in Hyrule Castle in order to imbue the sword with the power of the two elements he has found so far, and Link departs, adopting the White Sword as his primary weapon (in place of Smith's Sword).

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Entrance of the Cave of Flames

As the name suggests, this dungeon is fire themed; several rooms require Link to drift over pits of lava by using Ezlo's gliding ability. Other puzzles involve directing the path of a mine cart which the pair travel in, and using the shells of Rollobites as stepping stones to reach switches or chests. Once the Cane of Pacci is discovered, it can be used to cross certain gaps (by flipping over platforms) and to jump to certain ledges (by focusing energy in a hole).