"It seems that drinking Chateau Romani makes your magic power last for three days..."
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Chateau Romani (シャトー・ロマーニ Shatō Romāni?) is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a vintage Milk produced by the cows at Romani Ranch, and delivered exclusively to the Milk Bar in East Clock Town for wealthy members to enjoy. The drink itself is stored in containers such as bottles, and when consumed, it replenishes the drinker's health and also boosts magic stamina for three days, providing Link with an endless supply of magic until the restoration of the three-day cycle. It will also remove the jinx placed on Link when he is hit by a Blue Bubble.

Chateau Romani is marketed only to those who wear proof of membership of the Milk Bar, at the price of 200 Rupees per serving; the Adult Wallet or Giant Wallet is needed to allot the funds required to purchase Chateau Romani. Chateau Romani may also be obtained by delivering the Letter to Mama to Madame Aroma on the Final Day directly, without the assistance of the Postman; this Chateau Romani is provided in a new bottle for Link to use, rather than in one of the bottles Link already has at his disposal. Cremia will also occasionally give this as a reward to Link for his protection of her milk delivery from masked pursuers.

According to Cremia and Romani, the properties of Chateau Romani are so potent that children are not allowed to drink it under normal circumstances; however, if a parent or guardian deems the child mature enough they will give them some, as evidenced by the fact that Cremia gives some to Link as a reward, and when she gives Romani some to comfort her at a point where they believe they are both going to die. It is also possible to overdose on it, as in the Nintendo 3DS remake, Gorman drinks too much and contracts a stomachache, giving him symptoms similar to a hangover, requiring him to drink Mystery Milk as medicament.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

Chateau Romani appears as a Food item for Companion Fairies and is classified as a Drink-based food item. Like all food items, there are 3 different grades: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Food Grade Level

  • Bronze Food - Chateau Romani
  • Silver Food - Tasty Chateau Romani
  • Gold Food - Delicious Chateau Romani

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