This article is about the location from Oracle of Ages. For the location from The Wind Waker, see Crescent Moon Island.

Crescent Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is an island located off the coast of Labrynna shores. Crescent Island is the home to the Tokay, a race of lizard-like creatures. Four hundred years in the past, Crescent Island is shaped like the Crescent Moon. In present day Labrynna, however, it is more round. There is a small village to the east of the island where the Tokay reside. In the past there is a small island that is home to a test of courage. In the future, the island connects with the larger island and is the Moonlit Grotto, the third dungeon in the game. To the north is Yoll Graveyard in the present, and the Sea of No Return in the past. To the west is the Sea of Storms.

When Link first sails to Crescent Island by way of a raft, he is struck by lightning during a storm, and is shipwrecked on the island. When he awakens, he finds the Tokay have taken all of his items; he must reclaim them, but some of the items are reachable only with the Power Bracelet or the Roc's Feather. A Tokay in a small hut in the northeast area of the island has taken both, and Link must trade his Shovel for either one or the other until he can acquire Scent Seeds.

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