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The Cucco's Spirit is a DLC weapon moveset used by the Giant Cucco in the Cucco's Fury Challenge Mode in Hyrule Warriors. Due to the absence of Challenge Mode in the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors, this moveset does not appear in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Like Ganon's Rage, it can only be used in Challenge Mode and lacks weapon levels. The name of this moveset comes the coding for this moveset.

Unlike Ganon's Rage, this moveset lacks any special items. In fact, the playable Cucco is incapable of using any items.

This moveset is fast and very strong, but with a very low range and limited moveset. It's weak attacks consist of pecking the ground with it's beak, while it's strong attack is pouncing on any enemy in front of it. It has no combo attacks.


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Elemental Attribute

Cucco performing Focus Spirit in Hyrule Warriors

It seems that this is the only weapon moveset that is officially without an element but considering that the color of its Focus Spirit is yellow (a Focus Spirit's color is usually based on the weapon's Elemental Attribute, for example, the color of Focus Spirit for Link's Hylian Sword, Master Sword or Horse is yellow because it has a Light Elemental Attribute), it might have a Light Elemental Attribute.

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