Dark Hyrule Castle is the final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is a twisted version of Hyrule Castle, made so by Vaati.


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Once Link enters through the door the Boss Key unlocks, he hears Vaati laugh and tell him that with three more chimes of the bell all the Light Force will be drained from Princess Zelda. Link will then have to pass through three trials to reach Vaati. The actual time Link uses to get through the first two trials is indefinite — one bell tolls after Link has passed the first trial, the second bell tolls after Link passes the second trial. Once Link has entered the third room however, he will have a limited time before the third bell tolls and a Game Over occurs. If successful, Link arrives on the roof just in time to battle Vaati and save Princess Zelda. The First Trial is Ball & Chain Trooper in a narrow passageway. Link can merely jump over him and head up the steps without taking any damage. The Second Trial is Link must split himself into four with the Four Sword in order to press the switches to open the door. The path ahead, though, is infested with Keatons. The Third Trial is three Darknuts- two Red Darknuts and one Black Knight, which Link must defeat in a limited time. Once Link defeats these he can finally face Vaati and save Princess Zelda. After defeating Vaati, Ezlo and Zelda restore everything to normal using the power of the Magic Cap.

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Dark Hyrule Castle

Items and abilities from the other dungeons in the game are needed to complete it, and the Four Sword is necessary to solve most of the puzzles in the dungeon. Instead of finding a special item that allows Link to get the Boss Key, a set of four keys are needed instead to unlock the large block that is blocking the Boss Key. As this is the last dungeon, the final boss is Vaati himself.