Dodongo (ドドンゴ Dodongo?) is the boss of Snake's Remains, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Similar to other Dodongos, this huge dinosaur-like monster's weakness is bombs.


When the battle starts, Dodongo will start circling around the many spikes found in the center of the room. It will attack Link by both spitting fireballs and by charging and ramming into him. In order to damage it, Link must throw a bomb directly into its mouth when it prepares to shoot fireballs. Once the Dodongo eats the bomb, the bomb will explode, inflating Dodongo and thereby immobilizing it. Link then needs to lift Dodongo with the strength given to him by the Power Bracelet and toss the beast into the spiked floor in the middle of the room. If Link runs out of bombs, he can replenish his supply using the bushes found in the corners of the room. Once this has been repeated a total of four times, Dodongo will be defeated.



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