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Eldin Caves are a location from the spinoff game Hyrule Warriors. A volcanic cave system running underneath Hyrule, they serve as the location for the second level in the game. This area is home to Stalchildren, Stalfos, and Poes.


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Link and Impa travel through the Eldin Caves as a shortcut to Faron Woods, where they have heard rumors of a woman defending the forest from Cia's forces. With hopes that this woman may be Princess Zelda, they make haste on their way to the woods. However, Cia's army takes over the caves, forcing the Hyrulean army to battle their way through.

In the midst of the chaos, a mysterious Sheikah known as Sheik joins Link and Impa. With the aid of Sheik, the Hyrulean forces make it through the caves and arrive at Faron Woods.

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