"There are two more Fused Shadows... Let's get a move on and find them both! Hurry, let's head to the Eldin Province to the east!"

The Eldin Province (ELDIN) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a province of Hyrule located in the east (west in Wii version). The province is named after the Light Spirit, Eldin. The Eldin Province contains locations such as Death Mountain, Kakariko Village, Kakariko Gorge and the Hidden Village. The Gorge contains the Bridge of Eldin, which is a bridge/fortress inhabited by Bulblins. There is another bridge connecting it to Hyrule Castle Town. There is a massive plain in the center of Eldin. To the north is a trail leading by the Hidden Village and into Lanayru Province.


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The Eldin Province is inhabited by the Gorons, the native stone-people of the mountains, who founded Goron City near the peak of Death Mountain. This is also probably the homeland of the Sheikahs, who founded Kakariko Village long before the Imprisoning War. Kakariko Village also houses a thriving population of Hylians before Zant's Invasion of Hyrule, who are probably descended from those of Lanayru Province. After defeating Fyrus in the Goron Mines and gaining a piece of the Fused Shadow, some Zoras can be found in the Hot Spring on Death Mountain.

The Eldin Province is central to the events of Twilight Princess. Link goes there to get the second Fused Shadow while it is covered in Twilight. He collects the Tears of Light and goes to the Goron Mines to gain the second Fused Shadow. The Eldin Province also contains the Hidden Village, home to Impaz. The Eldin Province's section of Hyrule Field is where the first battle with King Bulblin takes place, as well as the two final phases of the battle with Ganondorf.

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Other appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Some of the game's stages (such as Kakariko Target Practice and Bridge of Eldin: Defender) take place in areas located within Eldin Province.

Hyrule Warriors

The Eldin Province appears as a stage known as Twilight Field, which features the Bridge of Eldin, Kakariko Village, Kakariko Graveyard, and Eldin Province sections of Hyrule Field. There is also an volcanic cavern and stage called the Eldin Caves, though it exists in of present era (Twilight Field exists in the past Era of Twilight) depicted in Hyrule Warriors, making its connection to the region unclear.

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Non-Canon appearances

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Super Smash Bros. series

The Bridge of Eldin appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

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