Eyeglass Lake is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This body of water, located near central Holodrum, is found west of the Woods of Winter and south of the Unicorn's Cave, the fifth dungeon.

In the middle of the lake are two islands, their positions resembling a pair of eyeglasses, hence the location's name. The western island has a bridge leading to the mainland. This island is riddled with holes, and has a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed. The eastern island is guarded by a patrolling Cheep-Cheep, and is home to a portal leading to Subrosia.

To the east of Eyeglass Lake, on the border of the Woods of Winter, is another small body of water. If the season is changed to summer, this small lake dries up revealing a staircase that has three sub-levels. The first two levels are flooded and contain enemies, but the third level has arrow traps and a Treasure Chest with a Piece of Heart inside.

During a Linked Game, the Square Jewel is found in a cave in Eyeglass Lake during the summer.


Eyeglass Lake