"Welcome to the fooortune-telling house, Fanadi's Palace... The fates swiiiiiirl about you, and only I can tell what they have in stooore... The dooor to the future will ooopen... for 10 Rupees."
— Fanadi

Fanadi is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a fortune teller living in Hyrule Castle Town.


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When Link visits Fanadi's Palace, she predicts his future for a sum of 10 Rupees. Fanadi can look into the future of his "career" (the next objective to move the main story forwards, told through a slightly cryptic hint) or the future of his "love" life (images of locations where remaining Pieces of Heart must be collected).

Strangely, when she consults her crystal ball about Link's career, she says the following backwards; "What am I talking about?". Similarly, when she predicts Link's love life, she says "Wait...loading takes awhile."

Interestingly, the symbol on her forehead closely resembles the Sheikah Emblem.

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Fanadi's name appears to be spelled by using the first two letters of the three Golden Goddesses' names: Farore, Nayru, Din. This is quite possible considering the Golden Goddesses' names appear elsewhere in the game: Lanayru, Faron, and Eldin.

In Japanese her name is Imparess the Fortune Teller, 占い師インパレス (Uranaishi Inparesu Fortune-Teller Imparess?), a reference to Impa combined with "empress", "palace" or "goddess".

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