The Forest Temple

The Forest Temple, also known as the Wooded Temple, is the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located deep within the Lost Woods in the Forest Realm, this dungeon is forest-themed.


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The Forest Temple's Force Gem

After learning of Chancellor Cole's plan to revive Malladus, the Demon King, Link is given the task of restoring the Spirit Tracks and stopping Chancellor Cole. After restoring part of the Spirit Tracks by obtaining part of the Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits, Link is instructed to travel to the Forest Sanctuary and meet Gage, one of the Lokomos. The inhabitants of the lumber town Whittleton aid Link in traversing the Lost Woods and finding the Forest Sanctuary. At the Forest Sanctuary, Link learns the Song of Awakening on the Spirit Flute. Gage and Link play a musical duet, opening the way to the Forest Temple. After the defeat of Stagnox, the Spirit Tracks in the Forest Realm are restored, and Link returns to the Tower of Spirits to retrieve another part of the Rail Map.

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The Forest Temple is full of weak enemies and purple smoke that inflicts 1/4 damage to Link's health; Link needs to use the Whirlwind to blow the smoke away. He can also find a Stamp Station there. Puzzles include blowing a Small Key off of a ledge to a place where Link can pick it up.