"An impressive-looking blade... but nothing more. Would you hear my desire? To take this foul blade... and use it to blot out the light forever!"

Dark Lord, Ganondorf (大魔王ガノンドロフ Dai Maō Ganondorofu?, Demon King: Ganondorf) is the final boss in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


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Having been defeated while possessing Princess Zelda, as the monstrous Ganon, and on horseback, Ganondorf finally draws his sword. He erects a twilight barrier to keep Zelda and Epona from interfering and challenges Link to a one-on-one duel.

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Link and Ganondorf clash swords

Ganondorf plods around rather slowly, but actively blocks and dodges Link's attacks, forcing Link to use his various sword techniques. Ganondorf's attacks consist of slashes and stabs with his sword, as well as kicks and elbow strikes. He can hop back to avoid Link's attacks, and jump high into the air to get behind Link for a strike. Occasionally, Link can optionally enter a chance sword lock, which can leave Ganondorf very vulnerable if Link succeeds. During the sword locks, the A button must be pressed repeatedly to throw Ganondorf off balance. Also, on the Wii version, shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk will make it easier to overpower him. After Ganondorf is hurt a number of times, he will fall to the floor, allowing Link to finish him with an Ending Blow. On a related note, the music changes during the blade lock depending on whether Ganondorf or Link was winning the blade lock, which was similar to the Dead Man's Volley segment of the Phantom Ganon boss fights in The Wind Waker.

Another good tactic that Link can use to defeat him is to use the Back Slice by rolling in the direction that Ganondorf holds his sword (if Ganondorf holds his sword in his right hand, Link should roll to the right for an easier challenge).

Interestingly, Ganondorf can be defeated by distracting him with the Fishing Rod. While he is staring at it, Link can freely hit him with the Master Sword. The technique is sometimes regarded as a glitch, but has been included on purpose. This technique is comparable to a technique of the boss battles against Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time and Phantom Ganon from The Wind Waker, where both can be defeated by using a bottle, as well as Demise, who can be distracted using the Bug-Catching Net.