"You got the Garo's Mask! Wear it with (C). The ninja spirits who entered Ikana Valley long ago wore this mask."
— In-game description

The Garo's Mask (ガロのお面, Garo no Omen?) is one of the twenty-four masks Link can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This mask is modeled after the head of a Garo Robe; interestingly, in the Nintendo 3DS remake, it is instead modeled after a Garo Master.

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The Garo's Mask is obtained after Link beats the Gorman Brothers in a horse race. Believing him to be merely a simple child, the Gorman Brothers reluctantly present him with the mask, convinced that he could do no possible harm with it. The Gorman Brothers also have Garo's Masks of their own that they use as disguises; when Cremia is forced to take her carriage containing milk through the Gorman Track to reach Clock Town, the Gorman Brothers, astride their horses, attempt to break her milk with their farm implements, wearing Garo's Masks to disguise their faces.

According to Pamela's Father, Garo's Masks were traditionally worn by an enemy nation that was sent to spy on the Ikana Royal Family during the Great War of Ikana. This nation is long since gone by the time of Link's adventures in Termina, but the undead enemies still wander around the premises of Ikana, unseen by all living beings. When one is nearby, Tatl will sense its unseen presence. If Link dons the Garo's Mask at this time, the nearby Garo will materialize, mistaking him for one of his own kind. Upon realizing his mistake, the Garo Robe attacks Link; if defeated, they will divulge valuable information before disappearing into nothingness.

Without the Garo's Mask, Link will not be allowed to enter the land of Ikana at all; the mysterious Ghost Hunter will only allow him to traverse the Road to Ikana if he is wearing the Garo's Mask, making it one of the game's three compulsory normal masks, along with the Captain's Hat and the Gibdo Mask. Interestingly, wearing one of the three aforementioned masks when near ReDeads causes them to dance, preventing them from attacking Link for as long as he wears one. However unlike the Gibdo Mask and Captain's Hat, their reaction to the Garo's Mask is odd as the Garo are supposed to be enemies of the Ikana Royal Family and the ReDeads are said to have been members of the Ikana Castle Dancing Troupe. Though it is possible that the mask somehow prevents the ReDead from sensing him and/or cause them to see him as one of the undead.

In the 3DS remake, it can also be used to catch the Ninja Flounder while fishing at the Ocean Fishing Hole.

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