The Ghost Ship Chart is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This tattered, old Sea Chart is located in the cavern on Diamond Steppe Island. It allows Link to sail into the Ghost Ship without it vanishing and, to a lesser extent, tells which waters the Ghost Ship is traveling depending on the position of the Moon. The island the Ghost Ship is near will light up on the chart at night.

According to Lenzo, the chart was created by an unnamed man who tracked the locations of the Ghost Ship each night and crafted the map as a way of charting its movements. However, it is said that soon after the map's completion, the man died of unspecified causes. How the map ended up on Diamond Steppe Island is unknown.

The Ghost Ship appears at the following locations:

Once Link has retrieved the Triforce Chart from the Ghost Ship, the point of the chart becomes moot, as the Ghost Ship disappears permanently.