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"A sword created by the finest Goron smithy who ever lived. It slices deep but requires immense strength to wield. Press the Strong Attack button to quickly dash into enemies!"
— In-game description

Giant Blade is the default weapon moveset used by Sheikah General Impa in Hyrule Warriors. It is described as a sword created by the finest Goron smithy who ever lived and its slices deep but requires immense strength to wield. Impa is strong enough to wield it both one-handed and two-handed. Its Strong Attack allows Impa to quickly dash into enemies. It has a water elemental attribute and as a result it allows Impa to manipulate water and create weapons (like kunai or swords) out of water as well. Impa carries the blade in a large sheathe on her back and is quite skilled in Iaido (the art of quickly unsheathing a blade to strike then sheathing the blade) allowing Impa to attack quickly with it despite the blade's large size and weight.

Her default Level 1 Giant Blade is the Giant's Knife, her level 2 is Biggoron's Knife, and her Level 3 is the legendary Biggoron's Sword. However it should be noted that all Impa's blades have a curved design resembling an ōdachi/nodachi instead of the broadsword design of the Giant's Knife and Biggoron's Sword from Ocarina of Time and the blade's sheathes have either a different or more detailed design. Impa's 8-Bit Giant Blade is the 8-bit Boomerang.

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