"You got the Gibdo Mask! This mask was once the hideous face of Pamela's father. This mask looks so real that even a Gibdo would mistake you as one of its own."
— In-game description

The Gibdo Mask (ギブドのお面, Gibudo no Omen?) is one of the twenty-four masks that Link can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This mask, resembling the mummified face of a Gibdo, allows the wearer to communicate with Gibdos as well as walk amongst Gibdos and ReDeads without being harmed by them. It can also be used to gain access to Ikana Canyon as well as the Garo's Mask (although the Gibdo Mask is obtained within the canyon, so the Garo Mask must be obtained to enter the area on Link's initial visit).


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The Gibdo Mask is obtained inside the Music Box House at the top of Ikana Canyon. When Link first enters the area, the house is being patrolled by several Gibdos. In order to dispose of them permanently, Link must find a way to make the house's music box play. Upon entering the Spring Water Cave at the source of the empty riverbed, Link encounters Sharp, who plays a cursed tune for him, slowly draining his health away. In order to dispel the curse, Link must play the "Song of Storms", a song Link learned from Sharp's brother, Flat.

Immediately after Link plays the song, water starts flowing again, causing the waterwheel on the Music Box House to turn. As it turns, the music box built into the house begins to play "Farewell to Gibdos", a song hated by Gibdos, causing all of them to disappear into the ground. Link must then sneak past Pamela, the little girl living in the house, and enter the front door of the house. While exploring the basement, a Gibdo-like Terminan Hylian appears out of a cupboard. Attempting to attack it will trigger a cutscene, in which Pamela runs in and protects the Gibdo, who is actually her father, and forces Link to leave. On the other hand, if Link plays the "Song of Healing", the man is cured, leaving behind the Gibdo Mask.

While wearing the Gibdo Mask, Link will not be harmed by Gibdos or ReDeads. The Gibdo mask also allows Link to communicate with the Gibdos that reside in Ikana Canyon and the Ikana Well. In the well, Link has to present the Gibdos with items they desire, such as fish and Big Poes in order to progress. Link cannot speak to ReDeads but by wearing the mask they will start dancing and will not harm Link.

In the 3DS remake, it can be used at the Swamp Fishing Hole to attract Ancient Fish (as the fish is said to feel a certain kinship with mummies) allowing Link to catch one with the Sinking Lure.

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