This article is about the moveset from the Hyrule Warriors series. For the item from Skyward Sword, see Goddess Sword.

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"A sword created by the goddess in the distant past. Use the Strong Attack button to temporarily imbue yourself with the power of light."
— In-game description

Goddess Blade is the default weapon moveset used by the Spirit of the Goddess Sword Fi in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Three of the weapons represent the Goddess Sword's various forms from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This weapon type has a Light Elemental Attribute and its Strong Attack temporarily imbues Fi with the power of light.

As part of its skillset, Fi can transform into her sword form to attack enemies during certain moves or combos. Fi can also attack herself with combos based on her dancing. During one of her combos, Fi can infuse herself the Sacred Flames. During another one of her combos, she summons a Trial Gate. During her Focus Spirit Attack, she creates a triangular column of light which causes a Goddess Crest to appear in the center of it. Fi then launches a Skyward Strike at the crest, which triggers an eruption of energy damaging nearby enemies.

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