Gohma (ゴーマー Gōmā?) is the boss of Dancing Dragon Dungeon, the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Its appearance is similar to that of the original Gohma from The Legend of Zelda, but this form of the beast also has two claws, one larger than the other. It uses the larger claw to attack, while the smaller one is not used at all. The fact that one claw is significantly larger than the other, as well as the fact that it falls off during the battle, suggests that this Gohma is based off of a fiddler crab. This is further supported by Gohma's sideways movement patterns. In addition, it summons larvae to try to divert Link's attention during battle.

The concept of Gohma being designed as a crab has been used before in the series. Gohma appear as crabs in Link: The Faces of Evil. Whether or not they inspired this boss is unknown.


Gohma is damaged when Link shoots seeds from his slingshot at its eye, when it is open. However, the eye is usually protected by Gohma's large claw. This can be dealt with either by firing a seed when Gohma raises its claw before attempting to grab Link, or by damaging the claw with sword strikes until it falls off. The Roc's Feather is useful for avoiding Gohma's attacks. If the claw is been removed, Gohma will start sending larvae to attack Link. The larvae will either crawl or jump towards Link, and will deal damage or latch onto him, slowing his movement, much like Gels. When Gohma is destroyed, Link will receive a Heart Container and the Soothing Rain as his reward.