"It's Gomess. There'll be no end to it if you can't get those bats away from it. Does that shed any light on the situation?"

Gomess (ゴメス Gomesu?, GOMESS) is a mini-boss in Stone Tower Temple, the fourth and final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

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Appearing only when the temple has been inverted, Gomess is a phantom-like shadow creature surrounded by a swarm of Bad Bats serving to protect a vulnerable crystalline orb situated directly below its chest. This orb is seemingly the source of its power, as well as its weak point. Gomess always carries around a large, menacing scythe adorned with the skull of a Stalchild. After its defeat, a Treasure Chest containing the dungeon's Boss Key appears.


Render of Gomess

Gomess usually moves slowly, but whenever it attacks with its scythe, it will rush quickly towards Link. There are two types of scythe attacks that Gomess uses: a standard attack and a counterattack, both of which are more damaging than many other foes' attacks. The standard attack is a short-range glide towards Link followed by a horizontal uppercut that can be blocked or dodged, although dodging is very risky. Its counterattack involves twirling its scythe and charging at Link, which usually happens after Gomess takes damage. This attack is much harder to dodge due to the attack's speed, but it is easy enough to block the scythe with a shield. If facing a foe who frequently attempts to outrun it, Gomess can also send in its swarm of Bad Bats to attack. However, this risk-taking strategy leaves its weak point wide-open to attack. The Bad Bats that surround Gomess also cause slight damage that can be difficult to avoid due to their sheer numbers.

In order to conquer Gomess, Link, as pointed out by Tatl, must first find a way to disperse the Bad Bats. Tatl more or less intentionally leaves a subtle clue when informing Link of his opponent. Link must "shed light" on Gomess with the help of a Light Arrow. With said arrows, a direct hit will cause the Bad Bats to scatter, giving Link a chance to strike at the crystal orb below its chest (this will not stop Gomess from attacking with its scythe, however). Additionally, Deku Nuts will cause the bats to scatter, albeit for a smaller period of time. Once the orb is broken, the battle will end.

By moving quickly, perhaps with the help of the Bunny Hood, Link can keep a safe distance from Gomess and tempt it to release its swarm of bats to attack from a distance. This method will also leave Gomess open to attack, which is necessary if Link runs out of Magic, Arrows, and/or Deku Nuts.

Gomess' fallen scythe following its defeat

It is possible to kill some of the bats with the Hookshot. However, this will not kill enough of them to damage Gomess, as it seems to regenerate them, although it will cause the bats to drop magic and arrows occasionally.

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