The Goron Temple is a dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located on Goron Island, it is the only dungeon where a character besides Link can be controlled; the playable character, Gongoron, can roll into enemies as a means of attack and can help solve puzzles that are out of Link's reach.

The boss of the Goron Temple is Dongorongo, a Dodongo-like creature. After defeating Dongorongo, Link obtains the Crimsonine, one of the three Pure Metals.


To get to the Goron Temple, Link must talk to every Goron in the nearby village, and then answer the questions that Biggoron asks. When he does this, he becomes a sworn brother of the Goron tribe, but Gongoron is not convinced, and runs ahead to the temple, leaving Link behind. When Link arrives, Gongoron is nowhere to be seen, but Link makes his way through the Goron Temple and eventually finds and rescues Gongoron. The rest of the temple's puzzles involve Link and Gongoron working together, and many puzzles utilize the Bombchu's unique abilities.