The Graveyard is a location from The Legend of Zelda. It is located in western Hyrule, just past the Lost Woods. It is full of small, white gravestones with blue crosses on them. If one of the gravestones is pushed, either a Ghini will rise up from the grave or a Hidden Hole will be uncovered. Its only human inhabitant is an Old Man.


The Graveyard is located on the far western side of Hyrule. It can be accessed from two different entrances. The first is by Link finding his way through the Lost Woods, which leads to the southern entrance. The second can be accessed once Link has obtained the Stepladder and can cross the river over to Death Mountain. Once at Death Mountain, if Link continues to navigate west, he will find the eastern entrance to the Graveyard.

Points of Interest

First Quest

Link can uncover an Old Man who will reward him with the Magical Sword once Link has acquired at least twelve Heart Containers. Level 6 can be found nearby if Link exits from the east and heads north. Although this dungeon is technically outside the Graveyard, it consists of the same terrain and is assumed to be part of the Graveyard as well.

Second Quest

The Graveyard houses Level 6 within one of its gravestones. Also, Link can acquire a Heart Container or a bottle of Life Potion by pushing one of the gravestones in the northwestern section of the Graveyard.