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"A Great Fairy follows you, attacking enemies as she goes. Coordinate Combo Attacks with her, or use a Strong Attack to increase your attack strength...at the cost of some defense."
— In-game description

The Great Fairy is an alternate weapon moveset used by Link in Hyrule Warriors. It effectively allows the Great Fairy to fight in Link's place while Link himself follows held inside a Bottle. Link can coordinate Combo Attacks with the Great Fairy, during which she will briefly release him from the Bottle. This weapon has a Water Elemental Attribute and its Strong Attack increases attack strength at the cost of some defense.

She has a variety of combo attacks, including playing a brief game of Dead Man's Volley with Link, dropping giant bombs, summoning a Fairy Fountain and rain, borrowing Link's Knight's Sword to attack enemies with slash waves, and summoning Levias to unleash a deluge of lightning. During her Special Attack, she even summons the Moon to crush enemies, and during her Focus Spirit Attack, she blows a kiss that transforms into several multicolored fairies.

In the Boss Pack DLC Challenge Mode Ganon's Fury, the Great Fairy will appear in certain scenarios to heal bosses.

Weapon Levels

Dark Great Fairy

Dark Great Fountain Fairy in Dark Link's victory cutscene

If the Dark Link outfit is worn, then the Great Fairy will become the Dark Great Fairy, sharing the same dark shadowy coloration and red eyes as Dark Link. This effects all levels of this weapon type.


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