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"A special hammer for Darunia's use only. Use the Strong Attack button to charge at enemies. Hit an enemy to lock on to that enemy, allowing you to follow up with more Strong Attacks!"
— In-game description

Hammer is the default weapon moveset used by Darunia in Hyrule Warriors. It is described as a special hammer for Darunia's use only. Using its Strong Attack allows to perform a Goron Roll Attack and hitting an enemy will allow Darunia to lock on to that enemy to follow up with more Strong Attacks finishing it with a powerful forward slap. Befitting his status as the Sage of Fire, his Hammer has a Fire Elemental Attribute allowing Darunia to add fire into some of his combos and even cause lava to erupt from the ground. He can also use a Magic Circle to summon a boulder of molten lava to throw at his enemies.

Weapon Levels

(Hyrule Warriors Legends)

  • Level 4 - Megaton Hammer +
  • Level 4+ - Darkfire Hammer


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Darunia's use of a Hammer as his weapon type in Hyrule Warriors is likely a reference to his ancestor the Hero of the Gorons who was mentioned in Ocarina of Time. The Hero of the Gorons used the mighty Megaton Hammer to defeat the evil Goron eating dragon, Volvagia. Darunia also originally intended to find and use the Megaton Hammer in Ocarina of Time to defeat Volvagia, but was unable to find its location inside the Fire Temple and decided to face the dragon without it, though he was no match for the might dragon, forcing his sworn brother Link who managed to find the Hammer and used it to defeat the dragon, awakening Darunia as the Sage of Fire.

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