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"A harp that commands magical melodies. It can be imbued with elemental affinity using Combo Attacks. Use the Strong Attack button to tap into elemental powers and cause various effects."
— In-game description

Harp is the default weapon moveset used by Sheik in Hyrule Warriors. It is described as a Harp that commands magical melodies and can be imbued with elemental affinity using Combo Attack. Using its Strong Attack allows Sheik to tap into elemental powers and cause various effects. As part of its move set, during certain combos, Sheik will also throw kunai.

Its default Level 1 weapon is the legendary Goddess's Harp from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Interestingly, Zelda can be seen playing the Goddess's Harp it at least two cutscenes.

Elemental Melodies

Each Elemental Affinity imbued by combos allows Sheik to play magic melodies with her Strong Attack that allow her to produce a variety effects. The six melodies are all songs Link can learn in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  • Serenade of Water - Water Affinity allows to her to cast a water barrier that increases defense.
  • Bolero of Fire - Fire Affinity allows her to create a circle of fire that produces a large eruption of explosive fire.
  • Song of Storms - Lightning Affinity allows her to surround herself barrier of wind and electricity that causes lightning bolts to hit any enemies that come in contact with it.
  • Nocturne of Shadow - Darkness Affinity allows her to create a small black hole that pulls in and damages any nearby enemies.
  • Prelude of Light - Light Affinity allows her to create a square of light that causes Sheik's SP Gauge to regenerate while she stands within the square.
  • Saria's Song - Sheik plays this melody as her Focus Spirit Attack which causes a small forest of trees to suddenly grow out ground damaging any nearby enemies.

Weapon Levels

(Hyrule Warriors Legends)

  • Level 4 - Triforce Harp +
  • Level 4+ - Shining Harp


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