"Link, that's the Harp of Ages! Maybe you can use it to open Time Portals and sail through time!"
Maku Tree

The Harp of Ages The Harp of Ages (時のたてごと Toki no Tategoto?, Harp of Time) is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This magical harp belongs to Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and grants the one who plays it the power to travel through time, albeit in a limited way. Link obtains it in a secret room of Nayru's house, and learns to play a total of three tunes on it over the course of the game. While time travel is not possible in dungeons, Link can still use the harp to defeat Pols Voice by simply playing one of the available tunes.

It should be noted that Link is unable to travel through time in Yoll Graveyard, the Sea of No Return, and the Black Tower grounds. If he materializes in a solid object when traveling to a different time, he will be automatically sent back to the age he came from.


Tune of Echoes

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Link is taught the "Tune of Echoes" during a telepathic message he receives from Nayru right after picking up the harp itself. Whenever the "Tune of Echoes" is played, it energizes all nearby time portals (time portals appear as brown pads with whirlpool symbols engraved on them) and allows Link to use them to travel from past to present and vice versa.

Tune of Currents

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Link learns the second tune, the "Tune of Currents", from the musical researcher Tokkey who resides in a hidden grotto in Talus Lake. If Link plays the "Tune of Echoes" in front of him, Tokkey finds inspiration and teaches him the "Tune of Currents". This tune allows Link to travel from the past to the present without a time portal, but not the other way around. It also leaves a temporary portal leading back to the past in the spot it was used, allowing Link to backtrack if he becomes trapped in the area of the present to which he warped.

Tune of Ages

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The final song is learned from Nayru. She will teach Link the "Tune of Ages" after she has been rescued from Veran's possession. It allows him to travel from past to present at will, and vice versa. Oddly enough, the song still leaves a time portal to the original age, despite already being able to travel back to the time Link came from. This is likely to make it easier to travel back to the time it was used without worrying about materializing in a solid object.

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