Harrow Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is an island located in the southeastern quadrant of the World of the Ocean King.

For a fee of fifty Rupees, Link can embark on a treasure-digging game, where he is allowed to keep digging until he finds ten treasures; treasures include Rupees, Rupoors, Treasure Charts, etc. After digging up his tenth treasure, Link is asked to leave the digging area, but it is possible for him to carry on digging. If he digs once more, he will be warned. If he digs a second time, he will be fined 100 Rupees. If he digs a third time, he will lose all of his Rupees. If he still carries on digging, he will eventually be banned. Link can uplift this ban, however, for a fee of 300 Rupees.

There is a total of four Treasure Charts to be found, two of which will only appear after acquiring the fourth Sea Chart. Their locations are random and usually not the same between rounds.

Occasionally, Link may unearth an invisible ghost named Lucky Lee. This may lead to an increase of more than 100 Rupees, although there is a chance he may only earn a small amount.


The word harrow refers to an agricultural tool drawn over plowed soil to uproot weeds, break up dirt clods, level the land, etc., or the action of using a harrow. The name Harrow Island may be a reference to this word, as Link digs with his shovel to unearth treasure on the island, similar to harrowing land for agricultural use. Alternatively, harrow may also refer to an unpleasant experience, as it is quite easy to lose significant amounts of Rupees in this mini-game.