"The red face fears smoke."
Owl Statue

Head Thwomp (グルン Gurun?) is the boss of the Wing Dungeon, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is a superior Thwomp that attacks Link using a slamming attack. Head Thwomp is a floating rock that spins, alternating between purple, blue, green and red faces. As it spins, it periodically shoots out large fireballs and bombs. The only way to defeat Head Thwomp is to throw bombs into the top of it; however, the way the bomb affects it depends on which face is showing. It is the only boss fought in the two-dimensional platform system found in the game.


Once Link enters the boss room, Head Thwomp's head will start alternating between its faces. Occasionally, it will shoot fireballs and bombs out of the top of its head. These bombs can be picked up to replenish Link's supply. Link must use the Roc's Feather to jump onto the rotating platforms that are positioned around it, and he then has to throw a bomb into the open top situated above the "face" of the boss. Alternatively, he could equip the Toss Ring and throw bombs from the top of the ladder, but possession of said ring is dependent on game being password linked. Once the bomb is inside, Head Thwomp will start spinning violently, eventually stopping on the face that was displayed the exact moment the bomb was thrown into it.

If it ends up with the purple face, it will pound the ground and cause an earthquake, in turn causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. If it ends up on the blue face, Head Thomp will shoot small fireballs that spin around the room. If it ends up on the green face, it will shoot out larger fireballs from the top of its head, as well as the occasional bomb. If it ends up on the correct face, the red one, Head Thwomp will take damage and drop a heart directly beneath it that Link can pick up to replenish his health.

Each time Head Thwomp sustains damage, the heads will alternate a little faster. Once Head Thwomp has taken damage four times, it will fall to the ground and fade away, defeated. Link can then obtain the Ancient Wood.



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