"There you go... Acting before you think, as usual... I swear! Do you even realize that we had to draw that monster bird off for you? It was about to come flying in here after you again!"

The Monstrous Helmaroc King (大怪鳥ジークロック Dai Kaichō Jīkurokku?, Great Ominous Bird Siegroc) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is an exceptionally large Kargaroc who wears a hard steel mask which can be destroyed using the Skull Hammer. While he is wearing the mask his eyes are shown yellow; however, while fighting him without the mask they are shown as being red, possibly because the monster's mask has protective lenses over the eyes. He serves Ganondorf in the Forsaken Fortress.


In the first phase of the battle, Link must climb the stairs that spiral upwards to the top of the tower while avoiding Bokoblins and the Helmaroc King's forceful pecking attacks. Every time the Helmaroc King strikes, he breaks the stairs in the immediate area, forcing Link to press onward. Should Link fall through one of the holes the Helmaroc King made, he can use the Grappling Hook to swing to the other side. Once Link reaches the top of the stairs, the Helmaroc King attempts to block Link's way. Link must then smash the king's head with the Skull Hammer, allowing him to proceed to the top of the tower.

Once at the top, the floor begins to shut itself, and the Helmaroc King reappears just before it completely closes. He now attacks using forceful winds to drive Link into spikes, by stomping around if Link gets too close to its feet, and by using a very powerful peck. However, when he misses his peck, his beak is stuck in the ground for some time. This is Link's opportunity to smash the mask with the Skull Hammer. The Helmaroc King will also quickly fly by Link and rake his talons across the ground, an attack which can be dodged by running out of the way, or by standing between his talons as he charges. Humorously, when the Helmaroc King uses this quick gliding attack, it may occasionally slam head first into the side of the pirate ship atop the fortress. After smashing the mask four times, it breaks, revealing an almost rooster-like comb, which is his weak point. The fight continues in the same way, except its head is now vulnerable to the Master Sword as well as the Skull Hammer and Arrows. Even the Boomerang and the Grappling Hook are capable of damaging him.




"Helmaroc" is likely a portmanteau of helmet, referring to the protective headgear it wears, and Roc, a giant bird of Persian mythology.