"You got the Hero's Charm! This mystical trinket gives you the ability to see the life forces of your foes!"
— In-game description
The Hero's Charm

The Hero's Charm is a mask from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. When worn, it allows Link to see the life gauge of enemies. With normal enemies, L-targeting while wearing the mask causes a small red health bar to appear near them on the screen. For bosses, with the exception of Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf, who do not show a health bar regardless, a large health bar with a skull next to it appears at the bottom of the screen during the battle, regardless of whether or not Link is targeting them. Link does not need to equip the Hero's Charm as an item, and can instead simply access the equipment subscreen to equip or remove it.

Obtaining the Mask

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Link must give forty Joy Pendants to Mrs. Marie on Windfall Island. This is only possible after winning the Hide-and-Seek game with the Killer Bees. The quickest way to get the pendants is by utilizing the Grappling Hook to steal them from Bokoblins. Bokoblins will also occasionally drop Joy Pendants upon defeat.

Wii U

To obtain this item in The Wind Waker HD, Link must clear every floor in the Savage Labyrinth. The treasure chest on the 51st floor contains the Hero's Charm in place of the Piece of Heart there in the GameCube version.

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