"The world seems so vast... Here in Horon Village, the seasons have all run amuck. I wonder if it's the same in other lands..."
— Horon Villager

Horon Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is the capital city of Holodrum and the home of the Maku Tree. Horon Village is the central location of Oracle of Seasons, and Link returns here frequently.

The Buildings

To the far Northwest is the secret Game Boy Advance shop as well as the Know-It-All Birds's hut. The house furthest Southeast is inhabited by Bipin, Blossom and their son. Just North of their house is the Horon Village Shop, in which Link can buy many of the items he needs for his quest. Northeast of the shop is the Clock Shop. Even further Northeast is Mayor Ruul's residence. Just outside of his house is a Soft Soil patch where Link can plant Gasha Seeds. Two screens east of the Shop is Vasu Jewelers. Any Seed Rings Link finds should be taken to him for their appraisal by Vasu. Due south of Vasu is an Ember Seed Tree, where Ember Seeds will grow during certain Seasons of the year. East of the Ember Seed Tree is Mr. Write's Home. Mr. Write begins the quest for the Noble Sword after Link lights his lamp. Finally in the far Northeastern part of the city, the Maku Tree rests in a small grove. The rest of the village is filled with anxious townsfolk, who are upset at the recent unpredictable changes in the seasons.


Horon Village in the Summer