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"A sword-and-shield combo modified for use by left-handed warriors. Charge energy by holding down the Strong Attack button, and then release for a powerful Spin Attack!"
— In-game description

Hylian Sword is the default weapon moveset used by Link in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is a sword and shield combo modified for use by left-handed warriors and is based on Link's traditional fighting style. This weapon type has a Light Elemental Attribute and its Strong Attack allows Link to charge energy to unleash Link's signature Spin Attack. Guarding allows to use his Shield to defend against attacks. One of Link's combos allows him to fire a Sword Beam.

Though it shares many similarities to the legendary Master Sword (and the Hylian Shield) in combos, attacks, attribute, and fighting style, due to its unique legendary status the Blade of Evil's Bane is classified as its own weapon type separate from the Hylian Sword type.

Besides Link himself, some enemy characters can be seen using this type of weapon in certain Adventure Mode Maps such as Princess Zelda and Impa.

Link's default (Level 1) Hylian Sword is the Knight's Sword (& Knight's Shield) which is a training Sword and Shield used by Hyrulean Army cadets that he borrows in order to aid Princess Zelda and Impa against Cia's army of monsters lead by Volga and Wizzro.

Link's Level 2 is a Hyrule Warrior's version of the classic White Sword (complete with its own unique shield).

Link's Level 3 is a Hyrule Warrior's version of the classic Magical Sword (& Magical Shield).

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