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"I was once called the best swordsman in all of Ikana..."
— One of Igos' Servants

Igos' Servants are mini-bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Specifically, they are two skeletal warriors similar in appearance and attack pattern to Stalfos. As implied by their name, they are the servants and bodyguards of Igos du Ikana, the King of Ikana. They are found in the Ancient Castle of Ikana and serve as the first phase of a mini-boss battle.

These enemies are identified as Stalfos Knights in the Nintendo Power Guide.


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Very little is known about Igos' Servants. It is implied that they died, along with their king, after a last ditch effort to attack Stone Tower during the Great War of Ikana. Like the king and most of the citizens and soldiers of Ikana who died, they were turned into undead beings when the doors to Stone Tower Temple were opened by the Skull Kid. After Link defeats them, the big-boned servant claims to have once been the greatest swordsmen in Ikana; however, it is likely that he was bragging. After turning into ghosts, they argue in similar fashion to how Koume and Kotake argue after they die in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

During the end credits sequence, the servants and Igos can be seen floating around the throne room while Igos is humming the "Elegy of Emptiness".

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"To counter the rage of the King of Ikana Castle, burn away that which disrupts the light and shine the sacred rays on the King."
— Garo Robe

Igos' Servants serve as the first phase of a mini-boss battle Link must win in order to learn the "Elegy of Emptiness". When they rise to fight Link, he must use his Fire Arrows to burn away the drapes on the wall, allowing sunlight to shine through. Strangely, what appears to be sunlight still enters the room even during the night. Igos' Servants will always avoid the patches of Sunlight shining through the windows. They have similar attack patterns to Stalfos from Ocarina of Time. Link can damage them with a variety of weapons, and when one has taken enough damage, he will fall to the ground in a slump. Link must finish them by reflecting sunlight onto them with his Mirror Shield, or else they will rise again and continue the fight. Doing this prior to their collapse merely stuns them briefly. Once both servants are defeated, the king, Igos du Ikana, will rise from his throne and battle Link himself.

Interestingly, if Link uses the Bremen Mask in the battle against Igos' Servants, they will stop attacking and begin to march around the room, while still avoiding the Sunlight. This appears to be little more than an easter egg, as Link cannot attack while he is marching. However, there is a short gap between when Link stops playing and their marching ceases, allowing him to get a hit in if he is quick enough.

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