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Hyrulean General, Impa (インパ Inpa?, IMPA) is a Sheikah tribe leader and incarnation of Impa who serves the Royal Family of Hyrule in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. She is the trusted adviser to Princess Zelda and General of the Hyrulean Forces.

Background and History

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In Hyrule Warriors

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War Across the Ages

Eventually, after centuries of conflict, the Demon King Ganondorf was defeated by incarnations of Link, who managed to split the Demon King's soul into four pieces and seal them across time and space, ending the cycle of conflict over the Triforce.His evil influence, however, would eventually spark a new conflict to free himself, resulting in the War Across the Ages.

Hyrulean General

Little is known about Impa's background, other than the fact that she is a Sheikah warrior who was trained from birth in the ways of war and eventually became the leader of her own tribe. She eventually became the Sheikah bodyguard of her era's incarnation of Princess Zelda, serving as both her general and adviser. Like her past incarnations, Impa is extremely loyal and protective of Zelda. An experienced warrior and military commander, her leadership proves vital to the success of the Hyrulean Forces during the War Across the Ages.

Armies of Ruin

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"Real strength only comes from knowing your weaknesses!"
— General Impa

Impa using pyrokinesis to create Guardian Naginata

As a leader of the Sheikah tribe and General of the Hyrulean Forces, Impa is an experienced and capable warrior. While possessing ninja-like reflexes and agility, she is also deceptively strong as well, able to wield her heavy Giant Blades like the Giant's Knife and Biggoron's Sword with one hand. A skilled swordswoman, Impa is capable of drawing her large sword quickly from its scabbard; she is also capable of wielding Naginatas that have been passed down within her tribe, and can manipulate elements and shape them into weapons.

Impa using a hydrokinesis-based Magic Circle to create Giant Blades

She is also a skilled magic user, capable of creating Magic Circles and capable of closing a Gate of Souls together with Princess Zelda. A skilled tactician and military commander, she acts as Princess Zelda's trusted adviser and second-in-command. Like most Sheikah depicted in the series, she is knowledge of various legends and Hyrulean history, such as the role of the Master Sword in containing the Spirit Fragment sealed within the Temple of the Sacred Sword and the potential dangers of removing it.

Movesets and Weapons

Giant Blade


Dark Impa

Dark Impa

Dark Impa is a shadowy Doppelgänger of Impa that appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode. She uses the same moveset and has the same material drops as Impa.

Material Drops


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