"The king of Hyrule. Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he appeared in the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought to a draw with Smith."

King Daltus is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. The King of Hyrule, he is Princess Zelda's father and a long-time friend and rival of Smith, Link's grandfather.


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Not much is known about Daltus's life prior to becoming King of Hyrule; however, it is revealed that he once fought to a draw with Smith in the Picori Festival Tournament.

At the beginning of The Minish Cap, Daltus is seen at the award ceremony when Vaati wins the Picori Festival Tournament. When Vaati releases monsters from the Bound Chest, Princess Zelda knocks him out of the way, protecting him, before getting turned to stone. Later on, Vaati returns to the Castle's Throne Room and possesses Daltus to use Hyrule Castle's Vassals to search for the Light Force.

After Link has obtained all of the Elements and fuses the Four Sword, Vaati, within Daltus's body, appears in the Elemental Sanctuary, where he thanks Link for uncovering the secret that Princess Zelda herself held the Light Force. He then disappears, transforming Hyrule Castle into a twisted counterpart.

After this point, Daltus is found in Dark Hyrule Castle's dungeon, where he will, upon being freed, give Link a Small Key. From this point on, Daltus resides within the dungeon, presumably for his own safety.

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