This article is about the character. For the boss, see Master Kohga.

"Coward! I shall be remembered! The Yiga Clan will track you to the ends of Hyruuuule!"
— Kohga

Kohga is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is the founder of the Yiga Clan, a group of Sheikah rebels devoted to Calamity Ganon. He is met in the Yiga Clan Hideout, where he acts as a boss.


"The leader of the Yiga Clan, a group formed with just a single objective: eliminate Link. He sends his minions all over Hyrule in search of you but tends to spend most of his own time napping and generally loafing about. Despite this, his mastery of the esoteric arts has earned him a deep respect. Even if he were to die, his followers would never give up their one and only task."
Hyrule Compendium

Kohga is informal, boisterous, and quick to lose his temper. He is very confident in his physical abilities, describing himself as "strong" and "burly." He seems to be a charismatic leader, as members of his clan will attempt to avenge him after his defeat. Though he is a master of the esoteric arts and leader of the Yiga Clan, Kohga himself is actually quite lazy and slothful as he spends most of his time napping and loafing about, leaving hunting of Link and Ganon's enemies to his loyal subordinates, diminishing the potential threat he and the Yiga Clan could pose where he a more active leader and failing to take full advantage of having a dedicated and capable army at his disposal to eliminate the Yiga Clan's enemies such as Link. It is only when Link infiltrates the Yiga Clan Hideout that leaves Kohga with little option but to fight him. Though he depicted as being somewhat of a goof and somewhat less fanatical than his followers, he still seeks to destroy Link and in his dying breath swears that the Yiga Clan will avenge him, showing he is a spiteful individual which is not surprising as the Yiga Clan's main motivation for breaking away from the other Sheikah was due out of spite and anger over how their people had been mistreated following Calamity Ganon's defeat 10,000 years ago.

Like the rest of his clan his diet consists primarily of Mighty Bananas which the Yiga Clan possess a unexplained obsession with. Interestingly certain Yiga Footsoldiers disguised as Hylian women express they find the Kohga physically attractive even consider his belly attractive as they become angry if Link says "He's got a dumb belly." and claim Link has no appreciation for true beauty. However the true gender of these Footsoldiers is unclear. However it implies that his charisma combined to with the fanaticism of his followers has caused some of them to develop a fangirl like attraction for him. However given his ego it is likely Kohga surrounds himself with such people and likely encourages them to view him as such.


Link fights him as the boss of the Yiga Clan called Master Kohga.

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